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Taxidermia - 3 out of 5

If you want a true movie that can make you say, "What the fuck?!?" then the first place you need to look is beyond the good ole U.S. of A. Sure we can do some mind-bending films like Inception (made by a non-American) but for true, no-holds-barred, completely wild shit, you need to get a completely foreign flick and Taxidermia is about as messed up as it gets.

The films surrounds three generations of Hungarian men from World War II to present day. Our first generation is a lowly servant to a lieutenant who is forced to do menial tasks. This man often
escapes into fantasy to forget the horror he lives in--often these fantasies are sexual in nature--and after impregnating the lieutenant's wife, he's put to death and the child is raised by the commanding officer to become a competitive eater. Then, after having to endure gorging and vomiting from this man, we meet his son who is the polar opposite of him and his well-filled wife. A scrawny, emaciated man who looks more like a serial killer than anything else decides that he doesn't want to enter the glamorous world of competitive eating and becomes a taxidermist--all the while burdened with his grotesquely obese father that he must take care of. After having his fill of being belittled by his dear old pappy, this final generation has had enough and, after meeting a unique artist, decides that he is going to leave this world and make an impact by making himself a work of art.

That was the best way I could describe the film without giving away important plot details and
without giving you all the juice--and sometimes downright disgusting--moments of shock the film delivers. Now, it's quite possible this film was made for that purpose, to be shocking, but when all the technical aspects are done perfectly, it's hard to argue the movie was just trying to be lewd. The camera work, cinematography and the editing was all tight and the special effects used were very VERY realistic. Usually when a movie just wants to gross its audience out, these departments suffer. It's odd but despite the vomit, blood, graphic (very graphic) sex, disturbing subject matter like insinuated child molestation and parental abuse, this movie can be poetic if looked at it from a critical eye. It would be too easy to sit down and just label this vulgar and move on.

While Taxidermia is interesting--even with all the wild shit you'll see--however, I doubt I'll ever watch it again. Maybe to just show some friends so I'm not the only one to experience the film's unique brand of madness. The film is beautifully put together and the commentary the film makes about gluttony, sexual lust and family within its story could spark a discussion that could last a week--maybe longer. I wish I could sit here and say that the movie was just too weird for me to ever watch again but that's not the case--I also can't say it's because of the shock factor I won't watch it again but I've seen much more shocking films (I watched A Serbian Film for crying out loud). The reality is, I don't really know why I won't watch this movie again. The film is creative, unique and truly one of a kind but after viewing it once, I don't think I have much reason to re-visit it.

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