Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sucker Punch

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Sucker Punch - 5 out of 5

When this movie came out in theaters, I proudly went to see it in an IMAX
theater and walked out extremely pleased. However, as I spoke to friends and read reviews of the movie, I discovered the audience was heavily polarized. People either loved it or hated it and I found no one going in-between. Even when I took my girlfriend to see it a second time in the theater (believe it or not, she wanted to see it) we walked out with different viewpoints. She hated it and I fell into the "love it" category. When I walked into the theater, I wanted to see highly stylized action set to kick-ass music featuring hot chicks in skimpy clothes and guess what? That's what Zack Snyder gave me. Thank you, Zack.

After the death of her mother and sister, Baby Doll (Emily Browning) is
sent to an institution by her sexually abusive stepfather and there she discovers other girls yearning to be free. Baby Doll escapes into a fantasy world where the institution becomes a brothel and she uses her sexually provocative dances to seemingly create a virtual world where the girls fight to get the tools they need for their escape. What follows in this film is a visual orgy of style, music and violence. Zack Snyder packs in a feast of hot girls in high heels and thigh highs who are packing guns and then, as it to hit the overload button, Snyder delivers killer robots on a foreign planet, dragons and goblins as well as steam-powered Nazi zombies in what I like to dub, my geek wet dream!

Many have criticized a lack of plot, lack of character development and the undeniable evidence that the film is basically a brought to life video game mashed together with a music video as the reasons to hate this film. While I won't deny the characters are flat and the plot is so razor thin it's barely there but like I stated before, I got what I wanted going into this film. I didn't expect intricate story telling or an Academy Award winner going into this. I didn't expect any pretentious actors hamming it up on the screen or complex metaphors being unfolded. No, I just wanted hot chicks shooting guns and I flipping got that!

Did I mention there's giant samurais in the movie? Because there is!

Now, I was going to glance over the fact that some have called the movie misogynistic in its portrayal of women. While that can be seen, the fact that nearly every male figure in this film is a
scum bag put in their place by a woman can almost nullify this argument. However, the girls are still show in barely there costumes. Does the film showcase ladies in a negative light or does the trapped girls fighting for their freedom offer a sense of empowerment? There is no definitive answer to that question because you take your own into this film and can justify which ever stance you take and have it backed up with evidence from the movie. For me, Sucker Punch is just entertaining and I take no social meaning from it. Now you see why I was just going to glance over this topic for the film? It took away all the funny from my blog.

I also forgot...there's a mech in it!

In the end, you'll either love or hate Sucker Punch. You'll either find it fun to sit through as you watch the tight editing, slick presentation and awesome special effects or you'll find it to be a ridiculous piece of shit with a face palm-inducing story and over-the-top delivery. I can almost guarantee that you won't walk out with a feeling of "meh."

Oh, yeah, one more thing...Jon Hamm is in it. That guy is awesome! Also, this movie has made me decide that I want to enter every room like this...


  1. totally agree...great pictures,awesome special fx
    but the feeling after the end of the movie is....mmhh...okay...
    wouldnt matter if i watched the film just with soundeffects and no dialogs...
    chicks and weapons arent enough sometime...
    hot cars were missin...:D

  2. Ha ha. Yes, some great muscles cars were needed. But it did give us a dragon and a mech suit.

    1. Not a big Zack Snyder fan. His style pisses me off to no end.


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