Thursday, July 28, 2011

Source Code

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Source Code - 4 out of 5

Mix in a little bit of Groundhog's Day with some of The Matrix and you have yourself Source Code. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the young soldier Colter Stevens who wakes up on a train to Chicago only
to discover he's in another person's body. True horror finds him as the train becomes a target in a terrorist attack but Stevens wakes up to find himself in a mysterious pod after everything goes boom. He soon learns that he is a part of military experiment involving a mysterious device called the source code that allows Stevens to return to the scene of the terrorist attack for 8 minutes at a time in order to discover the attacker's identify--all in order to prevent a future attack. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I only compare it to Groundhog's Day because Gyllenhaal is reliving the same moment--this movie is NOT a comedy.

"We'll be fine..."

"Okay, maybe not."

When I first saw the film's trailer, I wrote it off thinking it would be weak but after sitting through it, I was quite shocked. The story is tight and the film is put together so well that there is never a dull moment. Source Code not only delivers a unique story but is also able to keep you glued to the
action unfolding without resorting to cheap twists and turns in the plot. While the mystery of the government installation and the project called source code turned out to be something entirely different than I expected, the film keeps these surprises believable and stays away from the cliche Shyamalanian twist. Finally, Gyllenhaal's skill makes the character of Stevens real and you start to feel for him as he's forced to go through this rigorous test of endurance as he must relieve the same 8 minutes over and over and over again.

Source Code turned out to be one of those movies that pleasantly surprised me. Going into it, my hopes were not high but the DVD practically jumped out of my player, kicked me in the nuts and yelled at me for doubting it.

"Oh, shiny thing!"

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