Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Next Three Days

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The Next Three Days - 2 out of 5

Okay, I think the true meaning of the title of this film is the fact once you start it, it may take the next three days to finish it. I'm not saying the movie is long but the parts that drag are so bad, I had to turn the film off and come back to it later because the movie started to feel like a chore. And this fact becomes such a compound fracture when you see the parts of the film that really works.

The Next Three Days stars the phone throwing Russell Crowe as a man who is trying to break his
wrongfully accused wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of prison. That's all there is to it. There's no twist or catch to the film, the synopsis is that simple. So, then, why couldn't the film work? Don't get me wrong, there are portions of this movie that kicks ass. Watching Crowe's character study the necessities he needs to break his wife out and the final escape is very action pack and gripping but the other hour and half of the film that doesn't involve this is so dreadfully boring. Then, to cap it off, Elizabeth Bank's character comes off as a snark little brat. Why is that important enough to mention in this review? Because I'm suppose to want Crowe's character to break his wife out of jail. How can I do that if the character is an annoying, self-righteous upstart? Right as the film starts, Banks and another character have a debate about women in the work place and Banks defends a woman's right to lead in the office as a boss. Okay, I agree with that but Banks talks down to the person she is debating and uses insults to get her point across. Way to go movie, right as the film starts, I already want to see this jerk rot in jail. Of course, it's not like Russel Crowe really brought much to his role either and he seems more bored than anything else.

"Are you not entertained?" No, not with this one, Crowe.

Finally, this movie adds elements that really do nothing for the story--they don't hinder it in anyway
but they sure don't help. The biggest example comes in the form of the cast--mainly Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde. First off, Wilde's character was almost pointless and the story could have existed without her but it's almost as if the filmmaker's felt the movie needed pointless sex appeal so they cried out, "Get me the hot chick from House." Finally, why was Liam Neeson in this movie? He plays a dude who escaped from prison and Crowe seeks him out for advice but he's in the movie for about 2 minutes. You think they could have got someone cheaper for such a small role. Honestly, if you blink for an irregular amount of time when Neeson's time in the film comes, you'll miss him.

The Next Three Days isn't terrible, in fact the last half hour is the best part of the film and about twenty minutes at the beginning is pretty good, too. However, there's too much padding going on to bring this film out needlessly to a two hours and change running time as well as pointless characters who literally bring nothing to the story, ends up causes this movie to be something that is better to be passed over than given a shot.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more on this, Ron. This is one of those movies that could've told the entire story in an ENTERTAINING way in just 40 minutes. Everything else was meaningless or boring. I thought the Liam Neeson scene could've been expanded - a LOT. Like Russell Crowe is going to get EVERYTHING he needs to know about breaking someone out of prison in a short ten minute meeting? He should've been going back to Neeson multiple times, in a hard-core classroom setting.
    My wife and I watched this together and there were several points in the film where we looked at each other as if to say, "So, do we keep watching this crap or shall we switch to Netflix and watch Stargate SG-1?" We were bored with it pretty much all of the way through.
    I actually found myself towards the end wondering if I even cared if they escaped. I concluded that no, I didn't care.

  2. Thanks, Darren. This movie had so much potential but it just never truly got off the ground.

    1. The guy who wrote and directed this directed that piece of cow cunt known as Crash. The movie about racism in Los Angeles.


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