Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Eagle

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The Eagle - 1 out of 5

Forget 300. Forget Gladiator. Forget Spartacus: Blood and Sand because The Eagle is nothing like these other films. It lacks the amazing visual style of 300. It lacks the epic story of Gladiator. And finally, it lacks the balls to the wall action you get to see in Spartacus. Instead, The Eagle gives you one of the most boring stories I've ever sat through.

Based on the novel; The Eagle of the Ninth, The Eagle is about a young Roman soldier out to regain his family's honor by recovering a lost eagle statue. Now, you would think the director of The Last King of Scotland could make this book into a great film but when your star is Channing Tatum delivering in his usual monotone, almost drug-haze like acting, no amount of talent in writing and directing could save this film. Tatum has the ability to be a great supporting character--SUPPORTING but he lacks the talent to be the main man. And, as if to back up Tatum's piss-poor presence on the the screen, the filmmakers seemed to want to combine him with an equally untalented and weak actor in the form of Jamie Bell. The only real talent in this film is Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong and these two men are far too talented to have any presence in this movie.

There's really nothing else I can say about this one other than it's really boring. There's not much action but it's amusing watching the lack of accents in this historical film--Tatum tries one out at the beginning of the movie but seems to give up on it 15 minutes in. I never thought I would see it but someone was able to make the interesting era that had the Romans boring. Congratulations.

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