Monday, June 6, 2011


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- 2 out of 5

When this film about a dark future where everyone works for a single company and it teaches that mindless production is the key to happiness first begins it offers up a couple of chuckles but all the comedy elements of this supposed "dark comedy" are lost as it enters territory wayyyy too familiar for it to be entertaining.

Visioneers is your run-of-the-mill indie comedy that offers way too little in the laugh department--which is terrible because the premise actually offers a lot of rich material to use. Instead, what this movie becomes is your basic "comedy" you would see at film festivals as it focuses more on depression than humor--and of course, pseudo-intellectuals and self-proclaimed film experts will say it was "groundbreaking" or "moving" when in reality, it's just boring. If you like Zach Galifianakis, don't bother seeing this one because the eccentricities and unique delivery we know and love from him isn't present. Instead, we get to see him sit and stare for a majority of the film while a minimalist soundtrack drones in the background consisting of a guy using one finger to hit random keys on a piano.

In the end, Visioneers is one of those movies that gets released over and over, ad nauseum, at film festivals around the country. Besides some basic story elements, this film just falls into your typical indie film cliches (except it lacks the annoying soundtrack of bad acoustic college rock that usually plagues these films). Like all other indie films, this movie is basically about trying to find understanding and happiness in a world that seems like there is none. Sure they tried to freshen it up and blind you to the fact that nothing original is happening in this film but you can't polish a turd. If the film didn't give me a few chuckles at the beginning of the film with its awkwardness (that I hoped would have continued the whole movie but the filmmakers felts seeing Zach sit around staring was better for their "comedy") -- but if it wasn't for these couple of laughs, I would have given this a 1 but instead, it lands on a 2 out of 5.

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