Thursday, June 9, 2011

True Grit

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True Grit - 5 out of 5

If memory serves me correctly (and most of the time it doesn't) I saw the original True Grit with John Wayne many, many years ago. In fact, it's been so long since I've seen it, the only thing I remember about it is the fact that I don't remember anything about it. Now, granted, I could have gone back and watched it in order to compare the two films but I'm not going to do that because unlike 99% of all other remakes, this film actually holds up as a great--no, FANTASTIC--movie. I never say that about remakes.

There is absolutely NOTHING bad about this film. When I first heard the Coen Brothers were remaking a John Wayne classic, I sat back and relaxed because if there was any individuals who could do justice and possibly outdo an original when developing a remake, it's the Coens. These brothers bring to the screen their usual wit and style and actually submerge the viewer completely in the Old West. Every detail is accounted for right down to the horrible teeth that Barry Pepper is sporting as Lucky Ned Pepper. And when you have the Coens not only directing but writing the script as well, you know you're in for a treat that tastes good the whole way through.

Like I said, there is NOTHING I didn't like about this film. The cast, both the stars and the support, were all perfect for their roles--as if they were bred in a laboratory for the sole purpose of starring in this film. The young star; Haliee Steinfeld, easily holds her own against the likes of Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges just destroying and tearing up the screen as Rooster Cogburn. A buddy of mine told me after he saw the film, he could sit and listen to Cogburn ramble on for days and I completely agree with him. Bridges not only does justice to the role, he owns it and keeps the film at heroin levels of addiction. The way the Coens keep dishing out these amazing movies year after year, it's got an atheist like me wondering if they didn't make some deal with the devil at the crossroads or perhaps they are aliens from a distant star. No human beings could possibly contain such talent.

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