Monday, June 20, 2011

The Slumber Party Massacre II

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The Slumber Party Massacre II - 2 out of 5

Believe it or not, the nudity is toned down quite a bit in this follow up to The Slumber Party Massacre creatively titled, The Slumber Party Massacre II. While the first one was written by a feminist out to create a satire of the slasher genre, the producers filmed it like a serious film--and in the process, accidentally created a unintentionally funny film. However, the filmmakers seemed this time around they wanted to make an off-the-wall slasher in order to be amusing but the fact it's not funny ends up making this hilarious...if that makes sense.

The film follows the younger sister of the "new girl in town" from the first film and is one of the survivors of the Driller Killer. While it seems that she has moved on to a normal life--even created a shitty all girl band (the scenes of her band playing are hilarious as the character clearly don't know how to play their instruments)--her sister, on the other hand, ended up in a mental institution. Then, instead of visiting her disturbed sibling, she decides to join her band and some guys for a party weekend at a cabin. And that's when the nightmares start...

Now, at this point, you would believe that she would be having nightmares about the Driller Killer from the first film and for the most part you're right--HOWEVER, an element that only exists in the sequel creeps into the dreams...the element of ROCK AND ROLL!!! For some reason, music was the overwhelming theme in this film as the main protagonist is in a band but the killer isn't the man from the first film but rather a Andrew Dice Clay looking guy in leather and a guitar complete with a giant drill on the neck. I must assure you, I am NOT making up that last part. As the dreams continue, our protagonist (Courtney Bates) starts to appear crazier and crazier as she has visions of her friends dying and there's even a point where she hallucinates that an uncooked chicken attacks her. Once again, let me assure you that I did NOT make that up.

Eventually, the dreams become a reality and the Rock and Roll Driller Killer manifests himself. This of course made me wonder if the man was a Freddy Krueger like character who existed in fantasy and made the jump to reality or if Courtney was having visions of the blood soaked future or if her mentally unstable sister was sending her a warning of this man coming to kill her and her friends but I stopped wondering when this scene happened...

That's when I realized all bets were off and this movie was just plain ridiculous. But there in lies the beauty of The Slumber Party Massacre II. Sure the story is stupid, the acting is horrible (surprisingly, it has some decent practical effects) but the "WTF" factor this film has will keep you glued to the movie. While it's clear the filmmakers were trying to be funny, their jokes are terrible and because the jokes are just plain crap, they become funny on a completely different level. That's the only reason to watch this movie.

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