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Pitch - 4 out of 5

I'm a big fan of the Canadian program Kenny vs. Spenny and when I found out that prior to their fame of doing competitions in order to humiliate the other, they had made a documentary of them trying to pitch a script to Hollywood types, I knew I had to seek out this film.

The film is self-explanatory. In fact, I already told you what it's about in the previous paragraph. However, if you're expecting the antics of Kenny and Spenny as you know them in the show, you're going to be sorely disappointed. This doc was made before their show so you won't see the caricatures of themselves they showcase on Kenny vs. Spenny. You won't see Kenny cheating on a competition and torturing Spenny. You won't see Spenny whining or lecturing the audience on the world's troubles. What you see are two guys trying to come up with a plan and trying all they can to sell their script to anyone in Hollywood. They hit film festivals, seek advice from famous writers, producers and directors and even just hand their scripts to actors they run into at various events like Al Pacino and Eric Stoltz.

Bare bones and more interesting then funny, Pitch is a film that KvS fans can definitely get into as you see a different side of the characters you know and love. The film also acts as both a warning and a lesson to individuals trying to make it in Hollywood as a writer--a side of Hollywood not often focused on as it seems everyone wants to be an actor.

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