Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

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Battle: Los Angeles - 4 out of 5

Alright, the critics hated this film but I saw it in the theater and loved it. People complained that the film was cliche, there was a thin premise and the characters were one dimensional. Okay, yes the film is cliche--alien invasion films are nothing new but Battle: Los Angeles did what no other alien invasion film has done--they made it look real. And as far as the premise being thin...remember how critics loved Independence Day? Well, why is that film's thin premise okay but Battle: Los Angeles' isn't? Oh, because we got to see eye candy like the White House being blown up, that's why. And, the characters were pretty unbelievable in that one too. Come on, a President who gets in a fighter jet and actually FIGHTS for not just the country but all of mankind? Never would happen. Some critics even crapped on it because they said it was just a two hour commercial for the marines. Of course, the individuals who said this are probably the same people who praise and want to suck Toby Keith's red, white and blue cock every time he puts out a song that exploits the tragedy of 9/11. When I went to see this one in the theater, I wanted explosions and marines handing aliens their asses with their guns blazing and, guess what, I got it!

Another thing that bothered me when this came out was a lot of people I know comparing it to District 9. I won't lie, District 9 is a fucking amazing film. But these two movies have nothing in common except the fact aliens are involved. Comments like this made me realize that these people weren't paying attention to either film. But this and the critics hatred of this one aside, I really enjoyed Battle: Los Angeles. Unlike other alien invasion films, this one looked and felt real. The creators kept the aliens grounded in reality and didn't give them amazing, world-devastating weapons. There was no secret way to kill them like an allergy to water. There was no Will Smith yelling something like "Oh no, you just didn't shoot that green shit at me," or "I have got to get me one of these" or one of the other dozen lines he required to say when playing the same wise-cracking cop/detective/superhero/fighter pilot he always plays. There wasn't any D-list actors who don't deserve the title of celebrity or douche bags playing (unconvincingly) heroes like in Skyline--no, instead you get balls out, shoot 'em dead, oorah action. I didn't want an intricate plot or some lame twist ending. I didn't want lame character add-ons to drag out the story. I just wanted aliens to invade and the army to send them packing. And I got that. The film wastes little time in getting the action going and waste even less of it as it goes. There are times when the film gives a little flavor to the marines in action and offers up some character development but it does it without dragging the film down.

The only real complaint I have about this movie is the presence of the worst female actor to ever get work: Michell Rodriguez. But this is ignorable as the action, special effects and awesome sound makes it easy to immerse yourself in the action and forget that Rodriguez is a terrible actor. Plus, when you have Aaron Eckhart tearing it up like he always does, you almost forget that she's in the film altogether. So, in conclusion, I think Battle: Los Angeles is a fantastic action film that can entertain you for two hours while you shovel in the popcorn. However, there was one thought that was in my head during the entire run: This movie would make a great downloadable campaign in Call of Duty.

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