Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Basket Case

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Basket Case - 2 out of 5

After this little film about a man and his mutated conjoined twin going on a revenge rampage on the people who separated them, the filmmakers claimed they were making a dark comedy but I don't buy it. While the film is so bad it's hilarious, it also reeks of your typical horror film stench of a real, honest attempt at making something unique and scary. Not to mention the biggest indicator of the fact that this is NOT a dark comedy is the fact that it contains no satire, follows horror film cliches and doesn't have a single joke within its hour and a half running time. So, basically, the writer/director Frank Henenlotter (who actually went on to make a sequel to this film and actually went on to make some real dark comedies) pulled a Tommy Wiseau and took the fact that his film became a cult classic due to how bad it was and tried to claim that was the intention all along.

And honestly, the fact it is so bad is the only reason to watch this movie...provided you don't go insane from the absolutely terrible sound. 90% of this movie is really loud, poorly recorded screaming that will require you to take every single ounce of strength you have to NOT press the stop button on your DVD. When these scenes occur (and they occur a lot) simply breath, remain calm and make fun of the crap you are seeing. And don't worry there's plenty of stuff to make fun of. For example, the bad acting (a given in a film like this), tons of continuity errors (it's either that or characters have the ability to teleport and the film doesn't cover that) and the conjoined brother itself is a source--nay, a wealth--of material. Try and figure out how he kills people during the killing scenes and try not to laugh at how cheap he looks. I mean you can actually see the seems of where the plastic was put together and the makers didn't even bother to cut off the extra bits that hang on these seems.

Despite claims by the director, Basket Case is NOT a comedy but it's so bad it's funny.

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