Saturday, May 14, 2011

Undercover Blues

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Undercover Blues - 3 out of 5

When this comedy about two ex-C.I.A. agents who are trying to start a family and are asked to go on the "one last mission" while vacationing in New Orleans first came out, I loved it and watched it a lot. But as the years went by, it fell into obscurity for me and I haven't seen it in quite awhile. After being reminded of it not too long ago, I decided to throw it on my queue on Netflix and give it a view again. And, revisiting it after all this time, I found it's still a fun and charming movie, but not as good as I remember it.

Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid are great as the two retired special agents; Jane and Jeff Blue. In fact, Quaid actually has a lot of funny moments--especially opposite the man who steals the movie; Morty (played by Stanley Tucci). However, the one thing that hurts the movie is a completely annoying bad guy that Quaid's character is put in charge of apprehending. Fiona Shaw plays Paulina Novacek, the crazed arms dealer with some really powerful explosives that the Blues must stop her from unleashing on the world. The way Shaw portrays this character is so bad, it completely takes me out of the movie--and this movie has a scene where Dennis Quaid fights Dave Chappelle and Stanley Tucci with a baby stroller all the while holding his child.

So maybe Undercover Blues isn't as good as I remember but it's still not completely terrible. The story is solid and there's enough laughs in it to warrant a viewing...provided you're able to get past the terrible character of Paulina Novacek.

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