Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hellraiser VII: Deader

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Hellraiser VII: Deader - 1 out of 5

Above all other films in this extremely mediocre horror film franchise, this seventh installment has the honor of having, in my opinion, the dumbest title of them all. Sure the other ones have titles that have the word hell added to other words in order to stick with the overall theme of the series but using the word "Deader" just sounds silly to me. Sure, it has something to do with the story but it doesn't change the fact I find myself snickering at it.

The extremely hot, Kari Wuher stars as a reporter who is sent to investigate a cult that supposedly can cheat death called Deaders (so that's where the stupid title comes from. It's all coming together like a puzzle with only a few pieces). Through her investigation, she finds the familiar Lament Configuration and accidentally opens it. As usual, chains erupt out of the box and Pinhead makes his appearance but he doesn't come for her soul but rather offers her warning that she's in danger. The reasons for the torturer's warning becomes clear as it seems that the cults (*snicker* the Deaders) may have found a way to invade Pinhead's realm of hell without the aid of the puzzle box.

First off, I need to go on a rant about the puzzle box. Early in the series, the Lament Configuration was something that took time to solve and the characters in the series seemed to struggle with getting it to work. However, as the series progress, the difficulty level required to figure the box out has greatly dropped as each time all they have to do is press a single button and the box solves itself. Not much of a puzzle then, is it?

Like the previous films, this film is just boring and even the fact they've worked some more gore into it that they retracted from in the last two films isn't enough to save it. Even the fact you get to see Wuher's boobs isn't enough to warrant a viewing of this movie. The concept to the film has promise but the film never capitalizes on it. I liked the idea that a cult (despite their stupid name) is somehow able to infiltrate Pinhead's world and stop themselves from dying but the film takes all the potential it COULD have and wastes it but centering the film ENTIRELY around Wuher's reporter character. I think seeing the events from a couple other perspectives and getting to know the other characters would have been a good thing for this movie. However, it was clear from the second this film started that, like the other direct-to-DVD sequels, that the filmmakers were only looking to ride the franchise's name and get a little bit of cash back and had no interest in making a good film.

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