Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker

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Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker - 2 out of 5

After changing the series from a sadomasochistic orgy to a psychological slumber land, the Hellraiser franchise decided that since the last film decided that the plethora of mixed reviews it received somehow warranted another go at the "What is happening to me? Is this all real?" style story. Like the last film, this one was also a direct-to-DVD title but unlike the last one, I actually got some entertainment out of it--but as you can see from my score, not much.

In this sixth installment of the franchise, the film opens with a man and his wife getting into a horrible car accident that he's able to walk away from but she doesn't. Even more mysteriously is the fact they can't find her body. Some time later, the man (played by Dean Winters) wakes up in a hospital with a head injury and can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. I won't give away more but don't you worry your pretty little head because the puzzle box and Pinhead DO play a part as the man's real life starts to unfold among the madness.

Like the last movie that decided that psychological terror was the way to go with a master of torture like Pinhead, the story is a mess and not very engaging--to the point it's nearly forgettable. However, unlike the other sequels that I gave a 1 out of 5 to, there was a single aspect of this film I enjoyed that made me give it a slightly better review (which should say a lot since this film gets a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes). That aspect is the casting of Dean Winters of Oz, 30 Rock and Rescue Me fame (and of course, the Mayhem ads). I won't lie, I'm a big fan of Winters. I think he's a great actor who is capable of being both funny in roles like the Mayhem ads and 30 Rock but also great in more series roles like in Oz. Other than the fact I enjoyed his performance, there isn't really anything else in this movie. However, because I'm a fan of his work, Dean Winters is able to give this movie a 2, rather than a 1.

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