Monday, May 9, 2011

The Heavenly Kid

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The Heavenly Kid - 3 out of 5

Only in the 80's could a movie like this exist and actually be entertaining. The film is about a young greaser played by Lewis Smith who dies in a car accident and is sent to heaven--HOWEVER, he can't get to paradise yet until he makes up for some of the bad things he did when he was alive. So, under the guidance of an older angel named Rafferty (played by Richard Mulligan), the young greaser is off to help a poor young man try to find some confidence and happiness. However, he finds out that the boy he's been put in charge of, has a connection to his past.

Like I said before, this movie could have only existed in the 80's and be entertaining. If this film was attempted today, the greaser would be played by the latest Tiger Beat cover boy and it would probably have a soundtrack filled with bad Black Eyed Peas tracks (bad Black Eyed Peas songs? A tad redundant on my part) and, of course, Disney would probably make it and they would just fill it with bad actors who have to sing and dance as good as they act. However, since The Heavenly Kid was made in 1985, it's not a bad film. It's fun to watch in both that it is genuinely entertaining and some of the dated special effects become a source to laugh at as well. While this movie is never laugh out loud funny, it isn't overly cheesy with its heartwarming moments either (which it could have easily done), so it balances out to the middle-of-the-road, give-it-a-shot-if-your-bored type of movie that will satisfy just enough.

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