Monday, May 9, 2011

Ghoulies IV

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Ghoulies IV - 2 out of 5

Nowhere in the Ghoulies franchise have I ever found myself using a word like "brilliant" or "creative" but when you view the fourth and final film in the series, you might find yourself wanting to use these words to describe how great the other films were by comparison.

This film marks the only time an actor returns in the series as Peter Liapis comes back to reprise his role of Jonathan Graves, the man of the first film. However, the three little scamps we came to know and not so much love from the previous films DO NOT return and, in their place, are two new ghoulies. But you're probably wondering why this film is so bad that it can make the others, which were also bad, look good. The answer is simple: Really annoying and bad slap-stick comedy. The film tries to be a dark comedy but it's not dark enough to be one and when it's not funny, you really can't call it a comedy either. The two new ghoulies throw out bad one liners as lame sound effects fill the audio track of the film so often, it made me cringe. And don't worry about a story because there really isn't much going on. Just like the acting, the film's story falls flat--even for a direct to video sequel. Unlike the previous Ghoulies movies, you can't sit down and laugh at the absurdity of it all as this one nearly makes you vomit at its attempt at humor and wit.

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