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Tron - 3 out of 5

In 1982, video games were still very young and adults consider them harmless. Disney jumped on this bandwagon with it's film Tron, written and directed by Steven Lisberger. The movie is simple enough: A young hacker (played by Jeff Bridges) wants to get the respect, props and dollars from a video game he created by the evil company ENCOM. Shenanigans occur and our friendly neighborhood hacker; Kevin Flynn, finds himself in the digital world. There, he must team together with rogue programs Tron and Yori in order to stop the dastardly Master Control Program (MCP) and its commander; Sark.

Okay, so the story is a little silly and the presentation is even sillier. However, the film has a charm to it. The costumes of the programs will make you laugh but when you get past all the stuff that will make you giggle, there is some cool stuff going on. For example, are you a religious nut? I mean do you subscribe to a religion or are just fascinated with religious allegory? Well, then you would enjoy the story as it incorporates many themes from various religious. For example, rogue programs believe they were created by users (which, of course is true since it would be madness if a program can be just born) and the MCP wants to irradiate these beliefs. Then, once Flynn arrives, he become a Jesus-like character.

But story aside, there some cool stuff from a technical standpoint going on here. Sure the special effects are dated now and we've become spoiled by the advancements we've made but when you consider what obstacles that Disney had to face while making this movie, the film actually has some really great special effects going on. Especially when you consider that, at the time, computers couldn't animate images without specific coordinates being input into the system and it took nearly 600 coordinates to just make 4 seconds of film during a lightcycle sequence!

When you take into consideration how deep the story really is and how much work it actually took to make Tron look the way it does (even if its look still isn't that good) the movie isn't that bad. Maybe it's the fact that I'm older and can appreciate it a different way than when I did as a kid but Tron isn't that bad of a film. Sure it was a box office flop and it's video game made more money but, at the very least, it's not Disney's follow-up live action film; The Black Hole. That movie was just embarrassing.

So, when it's all said and done, Tron zooms in on its lightcycle at a respectable 3 out of 5.

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