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Screwballs - 3 out of 5

Okay, so lately I've decided to watch and review some 80's sex comedies. You can call me a pervert but, in all honest, I'm not watching it for the nudity. I'm watching them for the fact that they are hilarious. Everything is funny about them--except the jokes. Yes, the inane humor, bad actor, pointless nudity all become a sorce of entertainment to me that I find hilarious. And so, after sitting through Hardbodies and it's clever titled sequel; Hardbodies II, I decided to sit and soak up another short lived sex comedy franchise: Screwballs.

The story for Screwballs: A group of five guys who, only in the world of film would ever be friends, meet in detention and decide that their goal is to see which one of them can claim the virginity of the pristine Purity Bush. Basically, the whole film is just one lame sex joke after another as it builds up to the payoff of seeing Purity's breasts. Yep, I'm not kidding, that's the whole film. The jokes are terrible and the acting is worse but that's the charm of Screwballs. As long as you go into knowing that the film is utter crap, you'll get a couple of laughs from it--not because of any particular joke, mind you, but for the fact it is just a shit film.

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