Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Fockers

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Little Fockers - 3 out of 5

The third installment of the--um...well, I guess we'll call it the Fockers series. Many critics--nearly all of them--have slammed this film for being a completely unnecessary sequel and it lacks in the funny department. In fact, the film only got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of their critiques have some merit but when the series is based upon a joke where a man's name sounds like an F-bomb, what honestly were they expecting?

For the most part, the critics were right. Maybe the series didn't need to go a third round and yes, the film isn't as funny as the previous two (I'll be honest, Meet the Fockers is my favorite). The story can, at times, be messy and feel thrown together--which is probably why Dustin Hoffman was so adamantly against reprising his role and has a total of 6 scenes. Perhaps this was because Jay Roach didn't come back to direct this film and handed over the wheel to Paul Weitz--the only comedy this man directed was American Pie and there wasn't much going on in the funny department with that film--except Stifler. Whatever the reason is, this film just isn't as good as it's two previous counterparts. However, that being said, that doesn't mean I felt the movie was a total wash.

Yes, I was entertained. Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller once again play well off each other and create some pretty amusing moments. Sure the territory their characters are treading on is very familiar but these two stars are so good at their jobs, you forgot that you've already seen Jack Burns TWICE try to ruin the relationship Greg Focker has with his daughter. But what really made this movie entertaining was the too short but still very funny role of Prudence played by Laura Dern. Perhaps if the script was better, we could have gotten more of her.

But with all the good going on, there's still a lot of bad. For example, Jessica Alba continues to prove that she only gets roles for being extremely hot and not for her acting ability but what really irritated me was the lack of focus on the children. The film is called Little Fockers so you would expect the movie to revolve around Greg and Pam's twins but despite the Fockers trying to get them into school, they spent most of the time hanging out in the background, out of the story.

In the end, the movie comes off as 'okay.' It wasn't as fun or as entertaining as the last film but it could have been a lot worse. There are some moments that will make you smile and chuckle but never does the movie give you bust out loud laughing the way the other movies made me do. Yes, the filmmakers pushed their luck by producing another film in the Fockers series but, it was just entertaining enough that I felt like they walked away with a few bucks still left in their pocket.

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