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Hardbodies - 2 out of 5

Among other things, the 80's gave rise to the sex comedy as we know them now--albeit, the sex comedy is nearly ENTIRELY direct-to-DVD these days. These films offer little in the form of story, plot, acting, character--well, it doesn't offer much except really cheap laughs (seriously, guys slipping on banana peels have more dignity than the jokes in sex comedies) and a whole lot of pointless, gratuitous nudity. That sums up Hardbodies.

There's not much story going on here except for 3 older unlikeable characters ask a younger unlikeable character (who's supposedly a scam artist but when you're scamming people who can barely tie their shoes, does one really qualify as a scam artist?)--well, these dudes asks this guy to show them how to pick up ladies--or as the film states, "Dialogue some hardbodies and show them the BBD." Yeah, that's the film. A bunch of cheesy slang, bad jokes and pointless nudity. Oh, the film tries to class it up a bit by making the younger unlikeable character have a woman he's in love with and they have your typical misunderstanding that nearly destroys their relationship but when this is juxtaposed with the excess that is the 80's--you know, unprotected promiscuous sex, a WHOLE lot of drugs and even more alcohol and partying--it's really hard to take these two seriously...especially when they decide to talk out the misunderstanding over a joint.

However, because this film is 80's cheese at it's stinkiest (a.k.a finest) this movie is worth a view. If you're a sad and lonely dude (like me), you'll love the shots of the boobs the films treats you to ever two seconds. If you're a guy who loves to laugh at bad movies (like me)--especially when said bad movie just plain makes no sense with its execution, you'll love this one. Hardbodies, in the end, is just plain terrible but terrible on such a level that it is hilarious to watch.

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