Monday, April 25, 2011

Get Low

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Get Low - 3 out of 5

Don't let the title fool you, this film has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Lil Jon club hit of the same name. In fact, it couldn't be any farther from the hip/hop lifestyle as the movie centers around a hermit in the 1930's who decides he wants to throw a funeral party before he actually goes through with the real deal funeral. I guess he's trying to put the FUN in FUNeral!!! Ha ha ha...Don't worry, I'll hit myself later for that bad pun.

The concept sounds a little crazy but the movie instead is very emotional and down to earth. Robert Duvall plays the hermit and is able to portray someone who is both gruff and hard to love but charming at the same time (it's not the first time we've seen him do this, so this just goes to show you they picked the right guy for the part.) Bill Murray co-stars as the funeral director who works with Duvall's character alongside his assistant played by Lucas Black. Murray was very enjoyable in this picture as he played a happy medium of the goofball we remember from the 70's and 80's to the depressed character he got typecast into lately.

The movie is touching and entertaining but there's not enough going on that will make me ever revisit this film. The film is mildly amusing but never laugh out loud. It's sweet and tender but doesn't pull too hard on the heartstrings. This movie isn't the best but it isn't terrible either. It is the perfect middle of the road film. Just good enough to watch once and that's about it.

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