Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment

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Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment - 4 out of 5

Although this Family Guy episode that centers around the controversial topic of abortion aired, it was declared by the higher ups that the episode would never see the light of TV again. This, of course, stems from the bunch of whiny Pro-Lifers who complained about the episode. However, if the episode featured more jokes about Pro-Choicers, this episode would still be airing in syndication, me thinks. But in the end, it worked out for Seth McFarlane and Fox as they are probably making more money by releasing this episode on DVD than they would re-airing it on Cartoon Network or TBS.

So, the episode revolves around Lois deciding to rent out her womb to a friend from her old days but after the couple dies, she's left to decide if she keeps the baby or aborts it. In true Seth McFarlane style, he takes a lot of jabs at the right. My favorite joke is when the family is trying to convince Peter (who was brain-washed by Pro-Life propaganda) that they need to have the abortion and Lois tells him that if he thinks life is so sacred, why doesn't he just go down to an orphanage and adopt a baby. To which Peter replies that all he cares about is when the babies are in the womb, after that they can fuck off. No sequence has better illustrated the hypocrisy of Pro-Lifers! Thank you for that, Seth!

However, after watching this episode, I don't know why an uproar was even started--especially when you consider that Family Guy has done much, much, MUCH more offensive episodes that are still aired in syndication. But I guess Seth just stepped on the Lifers toes too hard and made them look like too much the fool.

The DVD would be quite weak if it only carried this one episode, so it was also packed with Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show. Both this special and the episode provide some good laughs but I've seen Family Guy funnier. Which is why I'm still boggled by the idea that this episode is now banned from syndication. It's very clear that they could have been more offensive but they weren't. In the end, it's Family Guy, so I don't know what these blowhards were expecting. After all is said and done, the fans won as this episode was released (uncensored) on DVD where they can watch it any freakin' time they want and not wait for it to air--and Fox and Seth are still getting money from it. So, who really won this battle?

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