Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brain Dead

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Brain Dead - 2 out of 5

Let's face it, in this day and age, the motto seems to be: When in doubt, make a zombie movie. Zombie film and zombie media in general, have become quite popular. It's just too bad that the quality people like George Romero (mostly his first three Dead films), Max Brooks and Robert Kirkman created can't be seen in all these other zombie stories.

99% of all zombie related media is just plain awful. They focus on all the wrong things--like the gore and killing. Those items are the icing on the cake and a good zombie story needs substance like great characters making up the living people that are forced to fight for survival. The primal need to live and the primal fear of having the mundane life we're all used to uprooted, destroyed and replaced with something new and terrible is what makes zombie fiction truly addicting. George Romero did this with some great commentary on race relations in America in Night of the Living Dead and he did it with commentary on consumerism in Dawn of the Dead. Max Brooks gave us this with his work on World War Z and he educated us with The Zombie Survival Guide. Finally, Robert Kirkman achieved this with his amazing comic series (as well as the live action series adapted by Frank Darabont) The Walking Dead. Other than those (and very few others) most zombie related fiction is mindless killing with no plot, character or substance that can keep the attention of a person who is have-way literate and intelligent. Brain Dead falls in the very large percentile of being a mindless zombie film with only a few gags that give it some redeeming factors.

The story centers around a group of people (don't worry, none of them are well written and are a bunch of cliches. For example, there's a criminal and he's dumb--WOW, they really created something dynamic there.) but this unusual group, through circumstances they can't control, end up in an abandoned cabin with a alien/zombie/parasite/amoeba creature that eats humans' brains coming after them. Along the way, the movie tries to make some gags and jokes that are mildly amusing and it also treats the viewer to some of the most forced nudity EVER in the history of gratuitous nudity before the brain eating begins. In fact, the nudity is more forced than the constant F-bombs the actors push out of their word holes or the weak pithy one-liners the writers interjected.

As far as zombie films go, Brain Dead is terrible because it tries to combine every zombie movie attempt and blend it into one film, regurgitating and delivering a bland, tasteless sludge. It gets even more cliche as they try to have a anti-hero for a protagonist but the actor just comes off as an annoying asshole and not a smart, tough asshole that is required for an anti-hero. But all these complaints equal what makes the movie watchable. Sure you have pointless boobs, blood and a shot of a slug shooting out of a woman's fun slot (yes, that really happens) but the bad acting, nonsense story and plot and overall facepalming nature of the film makes it pretty fun to watch as you don't even need to make fun of the action going on to laugh. This is one of those bad movies that is good because of its badness.

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