Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Age of Stupid

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The Age of Stupid - 5 out of 5

One part documentary, one part cautionary tale and one part post-apocalyptic story.

The Age of Stupid follows a lone man who sits in an isolated warehouse that holds some of the human races' greatest treasures. Outside the warehouse, the Earth has become a barren wasteland as the humans have all but destroyed it because of our insatiable desire to use up the planet's resources and our confusing resistance against cleaner, renewable energy. The Archivist (played by the late, great Pete Postlethwaite) sits and reviews where our society went wrong. He then compiles the interviews, the news footage and the facts and transmits them to the stars as a warning to others.

The film is amazing and, I'll admit, I'm totally bias. I'm an environmentalist and I do everything I can to cut my energy consumption and I support our society moving forward and cutting our dependence on fossil fuels. In fact, the majority of people who will see this film, think as I do and the people who really need to see it--the people who profit off the destruction of the planet--people like those who work for Big Oil, will never see this film because their too busy screwing over the one planet we have and the people they have to share it with for billions of dollars.

So, if you're like me, you'll enjoy this little documentary for the message and the presentation. If you're not like me, you're too busy jerking off on your SUV as you beat a bald eagle to death with a sack of money you got from your oil company.

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