Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend at Bernie's

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Weekend at Bernie's - 1 out of 5

If you've followed my blog (and I highly suggest you do) you've probably noticed that I've been revisiting many 80's movies and trying to see if they've stood the test of time or if they were as good as I remembered from my childhood. So far, it's been hit or miss and after watching Weekend at Bernie's, this film is most definitely a miss.

I don't remember much from this movie when I watched it as a kid in 1989. All I remembered about it was the basic elements of the story: Two dudes have to pretend that a dead dude is alive. However, after watching it for the first time in 22 years, I started to wonder what the pitch for this film was because if I were to judge it based on my viewing experience, I would say that the writers sold it as two unlikeable characters ham it up for an hour and a half and not a single joke or moment of entertainment will come.

The beginning of the film is one lame joke after another about the horrors of living in Manhattan. There's your typical cliche jokes about small apartments, cockroaches, high rent, a lot of crime and noise. After the character of Bernie dies and the film is about these two unlikeable characters trying to pretend he's alive, the film becomes a series of bad tripping gags and dead body humor (complete with a necrophilia joke--and a really bad one at that. Not that I think I've seen a good joke about having sex with corpses.) Seriously, the jokes in this movie are so dreadful that it's impossible to smile and I found myself facepalming every other second. Was this movie written by a hack comedian? If this movie was remade now, it would be complete with a viagra joke and gags about airline food. This movie is more of an open mic done by an amateur rather than a quality comedy show at a nightclub.

If the jokes weren't bad enough, the film casts two of the 80's most unlikeable actors to play two extremely annoying and unlikeable characters. You have the by-the-books good guy played by Jonathan Silverman and the slob character who won't allow a single second of this film to pass without him speaking and jabbering constantly, the most annoying actor to have a career in the 80's--the 1980's Shia LaBeouf; Andrew McCarthy.

A shitty premise, lack of humor and absolutely annoying acting is what makes this movie completely unbearable. I couldn't even crack a smile at this film's horrible attempt to make me laugh. This movie resembled the title character of the film: Lifeless. Weekend at Bernie's falls flat on its face dead at a 1 out of 5. Bury this one six feet under. Okay, I'll stop with the bad puns, I'm starting to sound like the writers of this piece of crap.

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