Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Venture Bros. Season 4 Vol. 2

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The Venture Bros. Season 4 Vol. 2 - 4 out of 5

The final half of Season 4 of The Venture Bros. delivers about the same as the first half--only with more Brock Samson!

The biggest complaint I had about the first half was the lack of Brock and his replacement, Sgt. Hatred. However, Brock came back in a big way--especially in the final episode! This is fantastic but this whole season has made me realize that Team Venture's time may have come and gone. The episodes this season felt sloppier than the previous seasons and the jokes weren't as solid as they used to be--hell, even the season finale ends on a joke that has been beaten to death by the comedy scene. One aspect I respect about this season however, is the evolution and growth of the characters as we see Hank and Dean age and old heroes and enemies take on new roles. This is very interesting but when episodes have stories that feel thrown together, these changes to the characters seem to be the only reason those certain episodes were created.

Despite these complaints, the show is still damn entertaining enough to warrant the 4 out of 5 rating I gave it. But it was just recently announced the show will have two more seasons, so the writers have to return to their glory days or we'll watch this show fall into the depths of crap like many television shows do when they push their luck. Here's the first thing the writers can do: Kill the Moppets and bring back H.E.L.P.E.R.

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