Thursday, March 17, 2011

Species III

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Species III - 1 out of 5

Okay, I can sum up this third installment of the Species franchise that takes place directly after the last one and follows a NEW alien/human hybrid hottie named Sara (played by Sunny Mabrey) and is being chased by the offspring of the alien/human hybrid from the last film; Patrick, in one word: Boring.

Oh my this movie was boring. The story isn't enough to keep me awake as it focuses on, once again, a gorgeous alien/human sex machine trying to get her freak on and get with making the babies on mankind. However, this film decided to change it up a little (and I emphasize a little) as the offspring of astronaut turned alien impregnating machine Patrick from the last one are trying to get their freak on with Sara who, if I'm not mistaken, is actually their sister--GROSS! Like the last two, the government is trying to kill the hot beast but unlike the others, this one has the offspring (or as they call themselves in this one; half-breeds) using some geneticists from a small college to try and correct the problems with their amalgamated DNA.

And if the story wasn't boring enough, the acting is phoned in and the whole film looks like a SyFy Original--OH WAIT, it was! It surprises me that this film actually scores better on Rotten Tomatoes than the last one--and the last one sucked too!

Okay, nuts and bolts of it all, this movie is a snorefest that, despite some lady kegs that get seen, it isn't worth viewing.

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