Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scrubs Season 9

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Scrubs Season 9 - 2 out of 5

The 9th and final season of the once hilarious hospital comedy. I say once because this season was just absolutely terrible and proves that every show has an expiration date and that spin-offs almost never work.

Season 8 was suppose to be the show's final season (and it would have been a great ending) however, ABC in all their idiotic wisdom, decided to push on and bring the show back for another round. This ended up biting everyone from the show's writers, studio executives and even viewers in the ass. What followed was an attempt to make a spin-off of the show that followed the exact same formula but with some new characters. First off, spin-offs are never better than the original show it split off from but when you are recycling characters and just transplanting personalities into new bodies like some TV Dr. Frankenstein, you are sure to come up with one thing: Total and brutal failure.

And that's exactly what Scrubs got.

A majority of the characters that made the series what it was are now gone. Granted some are still here like Turk, Dr. Cox, an occasion appearance by The Todd and Elliot and a few episodes have J.D. but without all these characters (and the others left out like the Janitor, Ted and Dr. Beardface) you don't have the magic you had for the previous 8 seasons. To make matters worse, the show decides to replace these M.I.A. characters with poorly acted carbon copies or completely annoying new ones.

You have a poor man's Zac Efron playing a suburban gansta who couldn't be funny if his life depended on it (basically, he's the Dane Cook of this season). You have J.D.'s replacement, a med student name Lucy who narrates the show, day dreams and does everything Zach Braff did except do lame falling gags and she does it with less charm and love-ability that Braff had (and I'm not even a fan of Braff and I said that!). And even though the character of Dr. Cox (played by the unbelievably talented John C. McGinley) still remains this season, the writers felt a need to bring in baby Cox in the form of Drew. It's actually physically painful to watch him try to be another Cox by speaking like him and mirroring his facial expressions. And finally, to replace the Janitor, it actually took two men in the form of security guards who--even together--couldn't come close enough to delivering the way Neil Flynn did, so the writers actually got rid of them halfway through the season.

Among the returning cast of John C. McGinley and Donald Faison (Turk), we see the return of a character introduced in season 8, Dr. Denise Mahoney played by Eliza Coupe. She is about as good as she was the last season--completely annoying and totally unconvincing as the female and more anger version of Dr. Cox.

Even the humor seems to be taking a backseat as the writing suffered badly and J.D.'s--or Lucy's--dream sequences come off lame and totally uncreative. The only thing that stopped me from giving this a more deserving score of a 1 out of 5 is the fact that for the first couple of episodes, we get to see Turk, J.D. and Dr. Cox together persevering to bring us at least the memories of the laughs I had the previous seasons. And because they were able to make me chuckle when the rest of the cast made me question if I had a pulse, I will give this final season a very VERY generous 2 out of 5.

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