Monday, March 21, 2011

The Karate Kid Part III

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The Karate Kid Part III - 3 out of 5

While the first two films are charming, The Karate Kid Part III may be the sequel where the franchise finally starts to slide. The story doesn't change much and the "believe in yourself" morale at the end of the story doesn't change either. This time, the story takes place after Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san return from Japan and they decide to open a bonsai tree store (and yes, once again Daniel's mom is nowhere to be seen and allows Mr. Miyagi to take care of her underage son. Although the films shows Miss LaRusso taking care of her uncle who is ill, me thinks the reality is she's on a bender and glad to be free of her child). As Miyagi and Daniel get the store ready, Daniel once again meets ANOTHER girl and a foe from the first film returns and wants revenge--the evil Cobra Kai dojo teacher who instructed that "mercy was for the weak" in the first film; John Kreese, is back with his Vietnam buddy and fellow Cobra Kai who enlist Daniel-san's newest opponent that we already know he will defeat in the end.

The story isn't as emotional as the previous two and the recycled, familiar story that we've already seen twice over makes this film--even though it is enjoyable--fall into a 3 out of 5.

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