Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inside Job

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Inside Job - 4 out of 5

This is one of those documentaries that every single person in America should see so they can educate themselves on the recession and how the banks screwed over the global economy and how the government did nothing to stop them and actually HELPED them.

This documentary (narrated by Matt Damon) gives a history lesson about how the banking industry began this recession way back in the 1970's (that's right my right-wing friend--as much as you would like to put all the blame on our black president, the reality is, this isn't all his fault). A lot of information is thrown at you and a lot of experts are interviewed (some who even helped the problem--although many responsible refused to be in the film). The information presented in the film is given in a fashion completely unlike a lot of popular documentaries that exist in the market today. This isn't a Morgan Spurlock or Michael Moore film that illustrates points with fun animations but rather this film just hands you the facts. So, sadly, this documentary will feel like you are going back to school so, in our society where shows like Jersey Shore are actually considered entertainment and people get their "facts" from an opportunistic liar who uses his viewers fears to make him both rich and popular all the while doing his best to rip-off Howard Beale, the chances of most of America--especially those who've lost their homes to the corrupt banks (once again, my right-wing friends, I have to put emphasis on the fact it wasn't Obama's fault--Hell, I'm liberal and even I KNOW that it wasn't all Dubya's fault either) are not going to watch this film. We live in an age of information but American's have made the conscious decision to remain willfully ignorant. Maybe we need a documentary about that.

But what's truly amazing about this movie is the fact it refuses to take on a political stance (something many people--unsurprisingly--are unaware of, if you read the forums on this film). The film dishes out blame to both political parties for doing NOTHING to stop the banks from crushing the global economy and even shows that both a democrat and a republican hired many of the corrupt CEO's from these greedy banks to financial positions within the government. See, my republican friends, it's not entirely Obama's fault and the fact that the documentary actually points out that he did nothing to stop the banks from taking your home should be enough reason for you to watch the film because it will give you even more reason to hate him--which I already know is something you guys look forward to as you blame him for everything from McDonald's getting your order wrong to the fact you wake up with a pimple on your face.

My attack on conservatives beside, this is a documentary that both liberals and conservatives can view together and have their blood boil in mutual rage as you learn how we were duped by the banking system and how the government we have (once again, I need to emphasis that both democrats and republicans) only HELPED the banks do the job. If every American watches this, it may help us stop the banks from doing this again. . . because right now, they are doing their best to get back to the old ways of achieving short term incentives for long term damage.

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