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Gargoyles Season 2 Vol. 1

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Gargoyles Season 2 Vol. 1 - 4 out of 5

Volume 1? More like, volume only.

Disney, in their infinite wisdom to piss off the loyal fan base of this smash hit cult cartoon decided that the profits weren't high enough on this DVD collection and the first season to warrant releasing the rest of the show. That's right, the company that claims to make dreams come true decided that there was not enough money in making the dreams come true of the loyal fans of Gargoyles of owning the entire series for them to enjoy and show their children. Yep, not only is Disney breaking the hearts of these fans, they are also breaking the hearts of their children and their children's children. I hope you're happy Disney!

The sad reality is, Gargoyles was too good for Disney anyway. With the exception of Pixar films, Disney isn't really known for its complex and well-written dramas as they constantly churn out the same garbage over and over again about some princess looking for their extremely handsome and well financially endowed man of royalty to make all her dreams come true. Not only has this model caused a lot of terrible animated films with some catchy tunes, it has also produced a generation of women who believe they will find their prince charming (which is apparently, when you look at what woman now want, are douche bags with gelled hair, spray-on tans and pink polo shirts with popped collars who ride crotch rockets).

But then the 90's came along and a theory started to get put into place thanks to this show and others like it, like Batman: The Animated Series. The theory was put forth that cartoons don't have to be mindless blobs of color used to keep children occupied while parents drink their troubles away and try to remember the last time they were truly happy but rather cartoons could actually be a real medium for excellent story telling. Gargoyles proved this theory as it showcased a powerfully dramatic story (Disney's first dramatic cartoon, by the way) with excellent characters with fantastic development and great action combined with social commentary about differences, hatred and family. This show, and others, proved that cartoons didn't have to be slapstick and bright but could be dark and meaningful and still be entertaining. This formula struck a cord with my generation and we've been quite loyal to the source since then--and our anger is boiling that Disney refuses to release the remainder of the show on DVD. I mean, seriously Disney, you make it no secret that you are all about money as you hock your cheap yet overpriced merchandise from sweatshops so why do you force us fans to illegally download the remainder of the show from torrent sites when you can get a little bit richer? That's right Disney, you are making us break copyright law.

Sorry for getting off subject again but, like all fans of this cartoon, I'm passionate about it because the story telling was just THAT good. But it wasn't just the story that is amazing when it concerns Gargoyles. The presentation was also amazing (and let's just pretend the final season never happen because all the good things I say don't apply to that particular season. You fellow fans know what I'm talking about!). The character designs, art and animation all were smooth as an incredibly smooth thing (my metaphors are failing me right now). And then there was the incredible cast that brought the characters to life. Extremely talented men and women like the guy who went 9 minutes against Rowdy Roddy Piper; Keith David, Biff Tannen; Thomas F. Wilson, Gimli and Indiana Jone's buddy; John Rhys-Davies, the legend in voice acting; Frank Welker, the only man who can make it so and make Xanatos such a bad ass; Jonathan Franks, the boss who tied balloons to his house; Ed Asner and two of my favorite character actors; Matt Frewer and Clancy Brown to just name a lot. But the list goes on and on as the show had some immensely talented actors.

Even though Disney hates the loyal fans of this tremendous show, the reality will always be this: Gargoyles was too good for Disney. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to download the rest of the show illegal so I can financial kick Mickey Mouse in his figurative nuts!

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