Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gamebox 1.0

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Gamebox 1.0 0 - 3 out of 5

Sit down my little one and I shall tell you a tale:

A young video game tester named Charlie Nash is broken up after his girlfriend is gunned down by a drug-addict cop. He's having a very difficult time dealing and becomes more and more reclusive from his friends until one day a mysterious package comes to his apartment. Inside is the Gamebox 1.0, a revolutionary video game system that actually puts Charlie into the game and he has to save a digital copy of his love and destroy an equally digital copy of the man who killed her.

That's the story of Gamebox 1.0 and what you actually see is about EXACTLY as cheesy as you think it would be. This film offers some of the worst special effects and acting you'll ever see in a bad movie--BUT there in lies why I gave this movie a 3 out of 5. It is so bad, it easily becomes one of those great bad movies to watch with your buddies and laugh your rear ends off. Right out of the gate, you'll be laughing as the film's protagonist looks like a older (and slightly slimier) version of the Star Wars kid and things only get more hilarious from there once Nash enters the Gamebox 1.0. It seems all these "game" shots were shot entirely on a out-of-the-box green screen kit someone can get at Best Buy because it is just horrendous. But I guess the filmmakers are asking you forgive them for these bad special effects because it is the first version of the Gamebox and all. Try and contain your fits of laughter as you watch Nash fight his way through a B-version of Grand Theft Auto or fight things that are called zombies but aren't the living dead and seem to have a mastery over jujitsu. You won't even have to make fun of it to laugh at this film because it is just that bad--oh, and did I mention that the girl who will forever be remember for her one role in a mediocre television show is in it? I'm talking about Topanga, she's in this.

Gamebox 1.0 is one of those movies where guys who never even played a video game tries to make movies about video games. For example, there is a scene where Charlie is suppose to be playing an original X-Box but when we see his screen, he is clearly playing a PC game--YOU CAN SEE THE MOUSE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! And then, of course, you have the awkward gamers who move the controls up and down in a supposed effort to make their characters jump higher in the video game--real gamers DON'T DO THIS, Hollywood! Tell your actors to play some games before you yell action so they don't look like spastic tools on your finish product.

Anyway, if you're a gamer or you love bad movies, you'll definitely get a kick out of this one.

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