Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Serbian Film

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A Serbian Film - 2 out of 5

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult film I've ever had to review.

The film is about a out of work porn star who is recruited by a mysterious man offering up a large sum of cash for him to do a "art" film. The amount of money is enough to set the man and his family up for life so, reluctantly, he agrees. Not long after the project starts, the man becomes disgusted with what is being filmed as the mysterious filmmaker wishes to incorporate underage girls and violence into the sex. But getting out won't be easy for this former pornstar as he is forced to complete his work--with or without his knowledge. The last half hour of the film is our main character frantically trying to figure out what happen to him as three days disappear out from under him. What follows is some of the most disgusting stuff I've ever seen and will not repeat in this review.

The subject matter in this film is offensive and very disturbing. However, unlike many films that are disgusting and objectionable for perversity sake, this film doesn't seem to be out to offend just for the sake of offending. Despite the horrible subject matter, this film is offering up social commentary about not only questionable sexual behavior but on the state of censorship on films in Europe. And to make my job of reviewing this film even harder, the film was really well made. Unlike in the states where offensive movies are easy to review because their quality sucks, this movie has some fantastic acting, a story that actually progresses and has a plot (unlike most American offensive movies that have a story that only acts as a chain to hold the scenes of sex and gore together), some tight editing, amazing music and unbelievable camera work and lighting that really creates an unsettling atmosphere. The technical aspect of this film is the only thing that kept me from giving this film a one out of five. Any negative feelings I have for this film and its unbelievably unsettling story all comes from my own personal taste. I like dark and disturbing films as much as the next guy but this film was just too dark and way too fucking disturbing.

All in all, this movie is difficult to watch. I'm hard press to figure out who would enjoy it as it is too offensive for horror film fans to like or hardcore movie buffs like myself to get into. But this film, from a technical standpoint, is extremely well made and does exactly what it is intended to do: To creep the shit out of people. So, in the end, I'm sticking with giving this a movie a 2 out of 5 because it's well made but the horribly frightening and harsh story and subject matter means I will never EVER watch this movie again.

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