Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

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Paranormal Activity 2 - 1 out of 5

Check your brain at the door because that's the only way you can enjoy this sequel to the mysteriously popular snore-fest that was Paranormal Activity. I say check your brain at the door because if you take even a single second to think about why anyone is doing anything in this movie, you will realize how poorly written and terrible this movie is.

I realize they are suppose to be capturing "real events" but every single action taken place by the characters is exactly what would NOT happen in real life, it's easy to get tossed out of the movie and laugh at the silliness of it all. Laugh only if you haven't fallen asleep from the boring static shots where nothing takes places for long periods of time. The film tries, and fails, to explain why this family is constantly filming every single second of their lives but it just comes off as another reason to laugh. Oh and then there's the scares. Just like the first one, this film offers very little in the scare department. Wait, did I say very little? I meant it offers no scares whatsoever.

The film also tries to connect the two films but in doing so, if creates some plot holes that, unless you checked your brain at the door, will have you irritated trying to figure out. Even more irritating is the family itself. The movies offers me no reason, other than the fact they have a newborn in the house, for me to feel anything towards them. Of course, the first movie also failed at this because it was just two irritating characters that I could care less for. In fact, the characters are so lifeless, boring and dull that the only character I cared about was the pool's vacuum cleaner (see the movie and you'll understand this reference).

The saddest aspect about this movie is the fact there will be more and more, every year until it stops making money. (The fact these two movies made any money without delivering anything is still the greatest mystery to ever exist to me.) Honestly, Paranormal Activity 2 is good at two things: Putting me to sleep and making laugh because this movie is very easy to make fun of.

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