Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior

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Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior - 3 out of 5

Tony Jaa stars in this epic Muay Thai film--wait, did I call it epic when I only gave it a three for being okay?

Alright, this review may piss some people off because those who love martial arts movie love this film to the point they would be willing to please it sexually. Now, let me start off by saying I didn't hate this movie. I just find it okay because, when you boil it down, this movie is all flash and no substance...and the flash isn't delivered too well either. I will agree with those who love this movie that the action sequences are really cool and the stunts are even better but the film is really low budget. Music that doesn't fit the scene is prevalent throughout the entire movie and the acting comes off as laughably bad (seriously, I've seen more constrained facial expressions in a silent film). And then there is the story--if it can be called that. Let's face it, the story in this movie only exists in order to string together the action and stunt sequences. The demographic for this movie, however, doesn't care about story or plot. They just want kicking and lots of it. And you get the kicking in spades in this movie. But there is a problem with the action and stunts--yes, they're cool but the epic flavor of these events begins to get watered down as nearly every stunt is repeated 2 or 3 times. "Hey that was cool--oh, wait, they're showing it from another angle...and another and this time it's slowed down." This gets annoying really quickly and easily could have been solved with some decent editing and not sloppily put on screen as a shitty replay.

Now, I know I sound harsh on this movie but I'm not trying to be. The fact remains, this movie is pretty entertaining but centering a movie around action sequences and stunts (that are repeated over and over again, mind you) without backing it up with a solid story, well developed characters and all around decent filmmaking, what you have is just fluff that's okay to watch once but not filling enough to warrant a second viewing.

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