Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Little Gril Who Lives Down the Lane

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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane - 2 out of 5

When you have a story about a little girl who is left alone after her father dies and she must fend for herself in this terrible world you have a load of potential. When that little girl is smarter than your average bear--I mean girl--and was prepped, trained and prepared nearly to the extent that a young man who's parents were shot in front of him and was about to start a life of vigilantism as a crime fighter, the potential only grows and the possibilities are endless. However, one of the possibilities is that the film doesn't deliver.

That was the outcome of this 1976 film starring Jodie Foster.

The potential to have a very dark and disturbing film is lurking behind every scene but the filmmakers fail in bringing it out. The movie co-stars Martin Sheen as a pervert young man out to rape this young woman left on her own but due to awkward interaction and dialogue, any scene these two share together destroy any possibility of tension. In fact, this film is so dialogue heavy, it destroys all tension in every scene and I found myself not really caring if people discover the truth about Foster's character. The destruction of the tension only becomes permanent as the score to the film sounds like it was stolen from a porno from that era. It's hard to take film seriously and keep suspense going when a synthesizer and bass-heavy song is playing in the background.

While the film does offer a interesting story, the movie itself feels more like a short film stretched out to an hour and a half. Scenes drag out and sometimes feel out of place to the point I question if entire scenes were even necessary. Things get even more complicated as Foster's character comes off as self-righteous, arrogant and just all-around annoying. This makes it VERY difficult for me to feel anything for her, whether that be to keep her secret safe or to have the entire town find out she is actually living alone.

Overall, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane is littered with possibility and promise that never truly delivers. Decent acting by Martin Sheen isn't enough to overcome a dragging narrative, annoying central character and lack of suspense.

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