Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Social Network

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The Social Network - 4 out of 5

Director of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Fight Club; David Fincher brings us the story of social networking douche bag Mark Zuckerberg to the screen and the birth (and trouble) of Facebook. (By the way, I fully realize that calling Zuckerberg a douche bag and being a Facebooker myself makes me a hypocrite, so don't bother pointing it out.) Fincher's unique and creative eye tells this interesting story in a very compelling and addicting way--to the point you don't want to turn away from the screen. Add in the fact that the creative genius behind Nine Inch Nails; Trent Reznor, does the music and you have yourself a very great film from both a storytelling and technical stand point.

The only real low points of the film is bringing in the poor man's Michael Cera; Jesse Eisenberg to play the D-bag Zuckerberg. Eisenberg plays the role the same way he played his character in Zombieland and he played that character the same way he played his character in Adventureland--only now, he's brought the character into Facebookland. Way to break away there, Eisenberg. Also a low point is when the OTHER internet douche bag Sean Parker (co-creator of Napster) enters the story and he's played by none other than the man who brought sexy back (despite the fact I'm still not completely sure if sexy ever truly left); Justin Timberlake. Like Eisenberg, Timberlake plays the role as we've seen him in his everyday life--a completely self-absorbed, delusional, talentless dickhead. Basically, Timberlake was playing himself.

However, these two low points are INSTANTLY eradicated thanks to the stellar performance of Andrew Garfield (The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus) who portrays Facebook co-creator (and the man who got the royal screw job by the combined powers of Team Douche Bag; Parker and Zuckerberg); Eduardo Saverin. Garfield is amazing in his performance and really steals the movie from all the other stars. By the way Garfield, I can't wait to see you as Spider-man. I already know you'll do better than that hack Tobey Maguire.

Other than the lackluster performances of the dancing queen Timberlake and the pretentious Eisenberg (I actually feel bad for Zuckerberg. I wouldn't want a bad actor to play me in a movie), the film is amazing. With talent like Fincher, Reznor and Garfield behind this movie, it's easy to ignore a former boy band member and limp-wristed zombie killer.

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