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Red - 4 out of 5

Here's a recipe for a great popcorn action film:

Take one piece badass Bruce Willis, put in a liberal shake of John Malkovich as a paranoid gun nut, stir in a very talented, very attractive atheist; Helen Mirren, a pinch of Karl Urban, a dash of the greatest narrator next to David Attenborough; Morgan Freeman, some of the original Hannibal Lector to spice things up; Brian Cox, a sprinkling of Richard Dreyfuss, simmer with some over-the-top action and hard-rocking music and you have yourself a good time.

Red, based on a comic book series from DC, is just a straight up good time film that won't win any awards but will keep you entertain. The acting is great, the camera work is really good and, despite a couple slow scenes, the film does a good job of keeping your attention and keeping you entertained. The only real complaint for me comes in the form of Mary-Louise Parker but that has to do with the fact that I am just plain not a fan of her. I don't find her convincing at all and find her to be more of a hindrance than asset to any film or show she is involved in. However, the strong performances by everyone around her makes her very easy to ignore. Especially Malkovich. It's clear that he really liked this project because he doesn't seem to be phoning in his role like he's done with many of his projects over the last couple of years.

All in all, Red is a really fun action film that is really good for sitting around--alone or with friends--and just vegging out.

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