Monday, January 31, 2011

The Office Season 6

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The Office Season 6 - 4 out of 5

A great movie once said that a light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.

No truer words could sum up The Office as this season marks the beginning of the end of one of the funniest shows on television.

While the dip in writing and humor was not drastic, this season lost some of the charm and laughs that captured my heart in other seasons. While the show is still funny, I found myself laughing out loud far less than any other season I've watched. In fact, most of my laughs were just chuckles. Why is this? The problem is not one thing but a few things that have caused this. Number 1) No show can last forever. Inevitably there will be a time when a show's golden age will come crashing down. The Office has yet to crash but with Steve Carell leaving this year, the ship is very close to the iceberg and will be sinking soon. Number 2) Some of the characters, for me, have run their course. Mainly, Dwight Schrute. Now the character Rainn Wilson has crafted still has his moments but he's become so blatantly predictable with his humor, that (at least for me) he's become more of an annoyance than someone who once made me laugh so hard. And finally, Number 3) an addition of a new character that can't hold her own with the rest of the cast. In season 5, a new receptionist was added to the cast as changes with Pam's character took her away from the desk. Until now, Ellie Kemper had been a background character offering up mildly amusing moments here and there but as they tried to push her character towards a relationship with the Nard-Dog (Ed Helms) we got to see quite a few episodes surround her and her character (and her acting abilities) aren't enough to carry the episode. So these episodes would go on to have very little in the amusement department. This is an even bigger insult as another character was added and little was done with him. Zach Woods is an incredibly funny actor and was completely underutilized this entire season. If you don't think he's capable of being funny, check him out in the hilarious movie, In the Loop.

Now, these complaints aside, this show is still great. Steve Carell is still funny as hell as Michael Scott and his mean spirited relationship with Toby will keep me coming back for more until Carell leaves this year. Jim and Pam are still as sweet as ever and their relationship is still addicting as heroin to watch and this season also gave us a great guest star--one of the best actress ever; Kathy Bates. She was so good as her character, I really wanted to see more of her and Steve Carell sharing scenes.

The bottom line is this: All complaints aside, this show is still funny. But it's important for us to enjoy it now because come season 8 (and you can quote me on this) it WILL be the last season. You want to know how I know? Remember when the majority of the cast left Scrubs and the writers decided to keep going? What happened? The show didn't even make it an entire season before it was canceled. Well, the writers have decided they are going to push on with The Office after Carell leaves.

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