Saturday, January 8, 2011

Metalocalypse Season 3

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Metalocalypse Season 3 - 5 out of 5

The most brutal cartoon to ever air on television and my favorite cartoon on Adult Swim. The greatest death metal band Dethklok returns for another season and shows why they are the seventh largest economy to ever exist (at least in the cartoon world).

Like the previous season, Season 3 continues the quality of killer music, fantastic animation, top notch voice acting and absolutely hilarious and addictive writing. Also, just like the previous two seasons, this seasons builds up from the previous episodes in both story and quality. The main story arc that involves the sinister Tribunal who's out for Dethklok's demise and continues to whet the appetites of the viewers with teases of who--and what--exactly is Mr. Selatcia and what is his new connection with the band's manager Charles Foster Offdensen which arose after the season finale from Season 2. This larger emphasis on Charles this season was, in my opinion, definitely one of the highlights this collection brought.

Like I previously mentioned, the music this season seemed to grow even more epic than it was before. One of the things that draws me to this show and cemented it as my favorite Adult Swim program was Dethklok's music. While it is slightly satirical in nature, it is still really well written and Dethklok's tunes can melt your face with their brutality. This season, co-creator of the show and writer of all the music; Brendon Small, really knocked it out of the park as the show expanded out past death metal and introduced more genres. While previous seasons saw satirical takes on other genres, this season puts more of an emphasis on this as they rip on the now dead fad of rap/rock (like Korn, Papa Roach and Linkin Park) and they even did an entire Rock Opera where Pickles the drummer goes to rehab. These two episodes alone are perfect examples of the quality you get from Metalocalypse. And just like the last two seasons, this run ends with a tremendously epic finale that gives the viewer a destructive concert AND closure that gives just enough answers but tosses you twice as many questions in order to bring you crawling back craving for more when the next season hits.

Metalocalypse is, without a doubt, one of the best programs on TV right now as it is entertaining on several levels. The stories are both addicting and funny and the music is so monstrous that it threatens to leap out of the TV and punch you in the face.

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