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Greenberg - 3 out of 5

A recent trend in movies (and in some TV) is making the main protagonist of your piece of work completely unlikeable in nearly every way. Greenberg takes this formula and intermixes it with your cliche, run-of-the-mill indie film storyline. You know what I'm talking about...socially awkward individuals who are so unique that they are EXACTLY like all the other extremely unique people and instantly stop being unique and they kinda know, kinda don't know what they want from their life--that's is until someone just as awkward as they are comes into their life and they suddenly know what they want from their futures that were, until this point, a complete mystery to them. Oh, and we can't forget the OVER-EMPHASIS on music like EVERY FUCKING INDEPENDENT MOVIE TO EVER EXIST! (However, the emphasis on the indie rock isn't to the point it becomes annoying like other movies.) This universal indie storyline comes in the form of Ben Stiller playing Roger Greenberg. Roger moves to L.A. to housesit for his brother and he falls in love with his brother's assistant (played by Greta Gerwig). A rollercoaster of emotion follows as they try to figure out what their relationship is. There is also a B-story that involves Roger's relationship with his best friend played by the extremely underrated Rhys Ifans. However, this sidestory has a very lackluster closure.

Now, I know it sounds like I am being harsh with this film right out of the gate but I didn't really hate this movie. I wasn't blown away by it either and it did take awhile for me to truly get into it because it tends to move slow (another aspect always found in indie movies). All the actors deliver their roles well and the story is something I sure EVERYONE can relate to because, at the end of it all, relationships are fucking hard. There are even some great, very witty funny moments thrown in here and there and even though the B-story didn't have a very good resolution, the end of this film was very sweet and uplifting--a very noticeable contrast to an otherwise bleak movie.

All in all, the movie was a pretty decent film to sit through however, the heavy emotions in the story, a lackluster conclusion to one of the films' stories and a slightly dragging narrative that only gets interesting after a half and hour or so hurts this film from ever getting a second viewing from me. While I enjoyed the movie and felt it was really well made, the chances of me ever sitting through it again are very slim. And the lack of repeat viewing has stopped me from giving this a four and has me settling for a 3.

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