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Buried - 4 out of 5

One of the most FUCKING INTENSE movies I have ever seen!

That sums up Buried with Ryan Reynolds. Maybe it's because I'm claustrophobic or maybe because the film does such an amazing job of putting you in the place of the character but this movie had my heart racing from beginning to end.

Reynolds plays a contract worker who is kidnapped while working in Iraq and buried underground for a ransom. The premise is simple and so is the terror the film delivers. The entire movie is spent in the wooden coffin and director Rodrigo Cortes does an amazing job of putting the viewer into the shoes of this unfortunate man as the tight camera angles, amazing use of darkness and lighting, tight editing and great music really puts the viewer on edge. But the intensity doesn't stop with the technical aspects of the film, Reynolds really goes all out and is unbelievably convincing and you stop thinking of him as Hal Jordan, Wade Wilson or Van Wilder and you see him as this poor guy doomed to be buried beneath the sand and, in more than one occasion in the film, brought me to the brink of tears over his plight. Even more amazing was Cortes' commentary made about what a man's life is worth to the money-humping large corporations that run the world and put Reynold's character's life on the line to begin with.

And don't get me started on one of the most fantastic endings I've seen in a movie.

Honestly, this film was just plain fantastic and, if I could bring myself to watch it again (my heart is still racing and my palms are still sweaty while I write this review) I would have given this movie a 5 but because the movie was so emotionally heavy and scarier than 99% of the horror films that have ever existed, it will probably be awhile before I watch it again. If you felt crap stranded films like Frozen, Open Water or Thirst are good (they're not, for your information. I'm sorry if you think they are but they're utter crap) watch this film and you'll shit your pants as it delivers thrills and chills that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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