Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Office Overtime: The Digital Shorts Collection

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The Office Overtime: The Digital Shorts Collection - 3 out of 5

If you ever need physical proof that The Office has jumped the shark, this DVD is the collection for you. While this DVD offers some laughs as it hoists all the webisodes the series has offered, it also showcases how bad the show will get once Steve Carell leaves--which is soon.

The collection starts funny enough as it takes the formula that makes the show work so well and just expands it to other characters. However, the little joy this collection gives quickly starts to disappear as each webisode becomes more increasingly out-there until it comes to the point a music video is made. Really? A music video?

If you're a HUGE fan of The Office, you'll enjoy this but if you're like me and feel the show is past it's expiration date, you might want to avoid this one because the laughs are too few and far between to warrant a viewing.

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