Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Jeff Dunham Show

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The Jeff Dunham Show - 1 out of 5

While I have a great deal of respect for Jeff Dunham (he's a hard working comedian and a VERY talented ventriloquist) this show was not funny in the least. It showcases the worst parts of his stand up and mixes it with tired, played out jokes and recycled skits that are used nearly every episode.

It's no secret Jeff Dunham's puppets are EXTREMELY racist and only Peanut is the one who's been able to make me laugh (I get it, Walter is old, Bubba J is a redneck, Jose Jalapeno is a lazy Mexican and so forth, it's old) and when you combine these racist cardboard cut outs and mix it with tired jokes (like Nascar and Viagra) and poorly constructed premises for skits, Comedy Central made a mediocre show that was only marketable to Jeff Dunham's already established fan base. The market was so narrow for this show, there was absolutely no hope it could branch off into other demographics. The show tries to make fun of this fact but, like every other second of the show, it fails in being funny.

The only thing funny about this show is the fact that Dunham comes off as those pathetic aging men who try to recapture their youth by dressing like a frat boy douche bag in his early twenties.