Friday, December 17, 2010

Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering

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Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering - 1 out of 5

If you've read my other reviews of the Children of the Corn franchise, you know I think the movies are pieces of crap. The stories are silly, the acting is terrible and the scares are completely non-existent and to lump them in the category called Horror is a crime against the movie industry. A bigger crime than allowing Sam Worthington to be the lead actor in ANY movie.

Sticking with the tradition of the other films, there are no scares in sight and the acting is just terrible. Naomi Watts takes the lead in this steamer and this was before she was scared over a evil VHS tape that killed you in 7 days, nearly had sex with a large ape and realized she could actually get some recognition by having a lesbian scene with Laura Herring (however, since these acts, she has pretty much faded away). She's just about as convincing in this movie as she is in every other film she does...which of course, doesn't say much.

Something very amusing about this movie is the fact they decided to add a token black character (one sequel too late, I might add. Children of the Corn in da Hood was the last film.) This character does what most one dimensional black characters do in the horror film genre: She says "Ah, hell no" and "I'm getta the fuck out" and, of course, dies. Very subtle, movie.

Unlike the other films, however, this movie looked at its predecessors and decided to up the ante in the dragging story department. Honestly, it's like the filmmakers said, "Okay, the other movies sucked but I think we can make it worse by making the story really boring."

Clearly I'm a glutton for punishment as I watch these terrible films and plan on finishing the franchise. Yep, there are three more sequels to get through and a made for TV remake of the first one. Four more movies. Let's just hope I don't die of boredom from it all.

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