Friday, November 5, 2010

Shaft (2000)

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Shaft (2000) - 3 out of 5

Anything with Samuel L. Jackson in it, I'm all over. The man is 100% pure badass. I even own a "Bad Mother Fucker" wallet because that was his wallet in Pulp Fiction. When Shaft came out in 2000, I'm not going to lie, I went and saw it. I wasn't really impressed and, because of that, I haven't seen it in years. Now, I sat down and revisited the film and came away feeling exactly the same: not great, but not entirely bad either.

One thing I completely forgot about was the fact that Christian Bale was in the movie. That's special because this movie was made at a time BEFORE Bale believed that acting involved growling all your lines.

Overall, this movie has some decent action scenes and some great acting from Jackson and, especially Jeffrey Wright--but Wright is just a plain fantastic actor, so seeing him kill on screen is no surprise. It's also cool to see Richard Roundtree (the original Shaft) make an appearance in the movie. However a slow moving story that just doesn't deliver very well hurts the overall presentation. Even worse is the appearance of Busta Rhymes as his terrible TERRIBLE acting makes any scene with him in it something that could easily make a person commit suicide over. When you have a rapper who can't act to begin with in a movie, it is not wise to give him MORE lines to speak.

A tighter story and a lack of Busta could have easily made this a better film but, in the end, this film is something worth a view if you are really bored and that's about it.

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