Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seed of Chucky

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Seed of Chucky - 3 out of 5

The quality of horror and comedy coming together that was seen in Bride of Chucky is seen in this follow up as the two serial killing dolls of Chucky and Tiffany produce an offspring confused about its gender.

Just as fun as the last movie, the filmmakers kick up the comedy a notch and make a very off-the-wall dark comedy. Jennifer Tilly not only provides the voice of Tiffany but is playing herself as Chucky's bride decides she will be the perfect body to inhabit. Hats off to Tilly for openly making fun of herself the way she does in this movie. My comedy is very self-deprecating and I appreciate others who make fun of themselves.

Once again Brad Dourif delivers like nobody's business as the killer doll and Billy Boyd (Pippin from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) does a great job providing the voice of the gender ambiguous Glen/Glenda (Get it?). Another nice appearance is by the filmmaker John Waters, playing a paparazzi character. While I'm not the biggest fan of the man's movies, I like the guy and what he does for free, he's really funny in this movie. The only real lowpoint of the cast would be the inclusion of rapper Redman. While his acting isn't terrible (but it's not good either), I just don't like it when a rapper tries to act. Only a few of them can do it justice. However, he was playing himself and since he didn't have many scenes, it doesn't take away from the film. Besides, it could have been worse, we could have had Busta Rhymes in it.

Keeping with the fun elements of the last movie, Seed of Chucky showed that there is still life in this franchise.

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