Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Prisoner (2009)

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The Prisoner (2009) - 3 out of 5

This re-imagining of the classic series starring Patrick McGoohan is a difficult challenge to review. On one hand, it's a remake and that automatically hurts the mini-series but on the other hand, there were some good things going on. The bad and good constantly work against each other, butting heads and ultimately bringing this mini-series to the half-way point of a 3 out of 5. This series wasn't the best but it wasn't completely terrible either.

Other than being a remake, the show offers little in the form of its story. The payoff at the end of the series was completely weak and makes the viewer wonder why they sat through the six episodes to begin with. And that's another complaint--the fact it was only 6 episodes long meant that the writers crammed a lot in the show but the cramming only seemed to arrive in the final half of the series. Had the mini-series went a few episodes longer, we could have seen more development of the characters and the story.

That brings me to the next conflict this show had: The actors and characters.

James Caviezel was greatly disappointing as 6 and wasn't anywhere near to filling the shows of the amazing Patrick McGoohan (you will be missed, sir. Be seeing you). His delivery is flat and the show offers us little reason to really care for the plight he is in. In the original series, McGoohan was so charming and captivating as 6, the viewer was glued to the set to see him escape The Village and, although we knew he wouldn't from episode to episode, we still grew disappointed when he failed to get away. Caviezel lacks these qualities that made McGoohan's portrayal of 6 a standard too high for normal men to reach. In the final half of the series, Caviezel's acting gets a little better but by that time, it's already too late. However, Ian McKellen's performance as the sinister 2 is so good, it makes Caviezel's phoned in performance null and void.

The show lacks the depth to the surreal surroundings and actions we saw in the original series but Rover is still here. Caviezel's acting is terrible but McKellen's is amazing. The story is lackluster as it changes greatly from the original but the visuals are beautiful. The good and the bad elements of this mini-series constantly clash to create an extremely mediocre product that never should have been produced to begin with.

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