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Predators - 3 out of 5

After seeing this initially in the theaters, I was far from impressed. But after coming around and seeing it a second time, I realized it wasn't that bad. Especially when I put it into perspective that it could have been much MUCH worse.

When this movie was first announced and the rumor mill churned out the idea that Robert Rodriguez was going to write and direct this film, I immediately slapped my palm to my face because without Quentin Tarantino holding Rodriguez's hand, his movie usually suck (Desperado, of course, being the exception). However, it turned out that Rodriguez was only going to help in writing and end up as a producer. And, as it turned out for me, was the best thing for this movie.

While not superior to the original film with Schwarzenegger, the movie is better than the sequel and the two Alien vs Predator films. But the film still lacks the certain magic that can transform it from a generic sci-fi action film into a classic in the way the original movie became. The story is simple and nothing really special but it works for the genre. There was an element that, I felt, should have been expanded on and that was the idea that the Predators take more than humans to hunt. While we see one different alien species, their part is abrupt and almost pointless as it does little for the plot. This really should have been expanded on and better incorporated into the story because, as all the other films have shown us, the Predators don't have that many problems hunting humans (with a couple of exceptions). So, the question has to be asked, why do they continue to hunt a species they are clearly superior than? Me thinks, that in the grand universe we exist in, the Predators are not as good as we think they are and they are basically the bullies of the universe, picking on smaller and weaker species while all other life is tougher than they are.

Acting wise, this movie is pretty decent. Laurence Fishburne really stands out with his interesting character and, believe it or not, Topher Grace was also a stand out character in this movie. However, there are some lowpoints in the acting department as our lead actor is Adrien Brody--a man, who we all know can act but has taken some questionable roles lately (Splice comes to mind). While the character Brody is playing is interesting and a nice detour from the usual action hero, Brody comes dangerously close to Dark Knight territory with his cheesy, brooding growl he uses to utter every line. This movie also proves that Danny Trejo has become such an icon that he can be in a movie playing himself and not a character. Honestly, his part was worthless and it felt like the usual Rodriguez pandering when he was put in the film.

This film offers some decent action and delivers on some mild entertainment but overloading the screen with one-dimensional cannon-fodder characters who are only in the film to pump up the dead bodies and a passable story keep this movie in the category of films you will forget about and will not join it's predecessor (Predator) in the instant classic department. Even Brody shouting Arnold's classic lines aren't enough to make this movie anything more than a watch-once, popcorn film.

Now, with that being said, "GET TO THE CHOPPAH!"

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