Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. Saturday Night

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Mr. Saturday Night - 4 out of 5

I'm a stand up comedian, myself and this movie has ALWAYS had a special place in heart after the first time I saw it.

The story is very entertaining as we watch the rise, fall and eventual rise again of Buddy Young, Jr. Even though I come from a different era of stand up comedy, many of the things that Buddy sees (and is disgusted by as he journeys through life) I myself have noticed in the world of entertainment. Add in the fact that I've worked with many comics who reminded me of Buddy and there is no wonder why I enjoy this film.

Many critics have criticized Billy Crystal (who plays Buddy as well as wrote and directed the film). They say it was hard to believe that the lovable Crystal could portray the bitter, jaded character of Buddy. However, I felt that it was the fact that Crystal WAS Buddy that made the character very convincing and was quite impressed that he was able to play the character so well. Never during the movie do I think that this is Crystal playing an angry, aging comic, instead I see only Buddy on screen. And then when you add David Paymer playing Buddy's brother, you have a recipe for gold as Paymer and Crystal play off each other like they are real life siblings.

Funny, heartwarming and all around brilliant are the words I use for this movie but this is mostly due to the parallels I see in my own life as an entertainer. But that's what makes movies truly special...when we, the viewer, are able to see our own personal experiences with what we are seeing on screen and allow the movie to become more than just entertainment.

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